To reserve and purchase your Bianchet timepiece, you should first place a deposit of CHF1.000-- through our website reservation page.

As soon as we receive your deposit, we will send you a reservation invoice. 

If you decide to cancel your order at this point, you will have forteen (14) days to get a full refund of your deposit (excluding banking or transfer fees).  If you decide to cancel your order after the forteen (14) day period, you will get a refund of your deposit minus an administrative fee of CHF 200 (excluding banking or transfer fees).



Three weeks before the delivery of your timepiece, we will send you your final invoice with instructions to proceed with the final payment. Your deposit will be deducted from this invoice.



As soon as your watch is ready to be shipped, we will contact you to organise delivery. We ship worldwide and shipment is complimentary.



From the date of delivery, you will have 14 days to try your Bianchet timepiece. If for any reason, you were not satisfied with your watch, we will accept your return notice within 14 days after delivery. We will issue you a Return Form, which you will have to complete and enclose in your return shipment.  



The timepiece should be returned within 10 days from the date of issue of the Return Form, together with the original invoice, in the original packaging, including all accessories, guarantee card, and other documents and/or labels. 



Your 14 Day Try-On insurance covers minor scratches and/or minor damages to the watch case, strap, buckle and sapphire glasses. It does not cover major damage such as a broken glass, a ripped or cut strap, a broken deploying buckle or any other major damage of the watch. The insurance doesn’t cover any damage of the movement. 


After reviewing the timepiece, which takes seven (7) days maximum, and unless the watch is returned with major damages, a full refund will be made excluding transfer and banking fees and an administrative charge of CHF 300.-- covering the return shipment, insurance and administrative fees, within fourteen (14) days maximum. The exact time depends on your bank’s refund procedures.

No refund will be made if the watch is returned after the 10 day return period.

In case of major damage to the watch case, buckle, strap, glasses or movement, a retaining fee will be deducted

from the refund to cover for replacement.