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 Flying Tourbillon


Defying gravity, the flying tourbillon rotates without any visible bridge, as if suspended in the air. It mirrors humanity’s ongoing quest to transcend limitations and achieve new heights. 

Bianchet is one of the very few watchmaking companies to design, develop and produce its own flying tourbillon movements in-house. 


Born to defy gravity, the tourbillon mechanism invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1795 is considered the most prestigious Haute Horlogerie complication.

This complex mechanism requires a high level of expertise and precision to develop and construct, and remains a symbol of horological excellence to this day.

Bianchet in-house tourbillon mechanism in titanium
Back of Bianchet tourbillon watch in titanium and carbon with openworked movement



Crafted entirely from Grade 5 Titanium, including the bridges of the tourbillon cage, the architecture of our skeleton movements forms a durable, resilient, and non-magnetic structure. 

Every caliber is finished by hand, then elegantly decorated, and assembled in Bianchet's atelier in Switzerland.


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