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The search for beauty and the Italian design approach are at the core of Bianchet’s creative universe, down to every last detail.



Golden Ratio Design HD - Movement B 1618 _edited.jpg



By applying a thousand year-old design principle deriving from the iconic Golden Ratio 1.618 and used in artistic compositions for centuries, Bianchet infuses perfect proportions into the case and movement of its contemporary timepieces. 

Known as the Divine Proportion, the golden ratio 1.618 is found in some of the most harmonious and everlasting creations in art, architecture, or music. 


From Leonardo da Vinci, Le Corbusier, to Debussy, this mysterious number is also ever-present in nature and in the formation of the galaxies.



Bianchet case design using the golden ratio
arts and architecture design using the golden ratio

Italian Design




In an uncompromising quest for timeless beauty, Bianchet brings the very essence

of Italian design in a timepiece :  

pure lines, smooth curves, and a refined sense of colours.


The mysterious intrinsic beauty created by the Golden Ratio of 1.618

is present in every atom of our universe

Profile view of Bianchet tourbillon watch in carbon with hand-finished titanium crown

The flowing lines, the colour details, the engineering concept behind every Bianchet watch component is a perfect illustration of the Italian design approach and eagerness

to create an object of desire, that is

beautiful from its conception up to its aesthetic execution.

Abstract Structure_edited_edited.jpg

"It is an inherent part of Bianchet's DNA that every timepiece should, above all, be beautiful"



Invented by Cartier in 1906, the tonneau case was conceived to be both elegant and comfortable. A very innovative shape at the time, it still represents the epitome of class and sophistication. 

By infusing pure lines and harmonious proportions underlined by refined colour accents, Bianchet creates a watch case that is both sophisticated and sporty.

The sleek, unadorned bezel seamlessly blends with the case middle, enhancing its smooth curves and discreet lugs, giving it a modern and elegant look. 

Sport GMT Carbon Red_PR.jpg

Nourished by Italian roots and fascinated by the capacity of the Golden Proportions to create beauty and harmony, Bianchet founders have chosen to immortalise timeless design principles in their ultra-contemporary horology creations to

create an everlasting legacy.

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