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Tested in real-world scenarios under extreme conditions, our watches are crafted to meet the highest Swiss engineering standards and excel in any situation.



Bianchet tourbillon watches are composed of highly complex parts and advanced materials requiring high-precision machines and perfect skills.


The titanium architecture of our movements, tested to resist high-impact shocks, provides a resilient, yet light and non-magnetic framework.

Watch case and crown combining high-tech materials

One of the very few curved tonneau-shaped carbon watches capable of withstanding a pressure of 10ATM (100 meters of water depth) and shocks of 5000Gs, the B1.618 watch collection has been designed to be versatile and endorsed during sports and water activities.  



Bianchet has developed an exclusive material, the Titanium-Dust-High-Density-Carbon, a composite of carbon fibres with titanium powder made of circa 500 compressed layers of 0.03mm thick carbon fibres, infused with titanium powder between every two layers.


The result is a highly resistant and light material offering the properties of a high-tech composite with the preciousness of a noble metal.


Verified through rigorous testing by top tennis players Grigor Dimitrov and Alexander Bublik, renowned for their precision and power, as well as big wave surfer Francisco Porcella, known for riding the world's most epic swells, Bianchet watches have proven their resilience in extreme real-world scenarios.


From tennis courts, polo grounds, to the depths of the ocean, Bianchet watches have proven to maintain their precision and performance.

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