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At Bianchet, we recognize that true luxury resides in the finest details. Our timepieces showcase centuries-old expertise in watchmaking, emphasizing the meticulous skill and dedication invested in their creation.

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Guided by age-old gestures, artisans employ various techniques to achieve flawless surface finishes.

Satin-brushing, sandblasting, and polishing techniques  used on every component of our movements and cases bear witness to centuries of fine-watchmaking know-how. 

The titanium edges of our movements' bridges undergo hand-bevelling, a technique demanding expert skills due the hardness of this esteemed metal.


Laquer decorations on the crown,  tourbillon cage, and hands are carefully executed by hand with a paintbrush, while the hour markers, crafted from a luminescent material, are meticulously hand-applied,

The art of Haute Horlogerie, mainly executed by hand, requires complete undivided attention. A suspended moment in time when the passion of the creator transfers to the object to convey the highest level of quality.

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